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Homeowner, Real Estate, Private NuisanceSpite Fence Law - California

Building a 10 plus foot fence (or row of trees) with an intent to annoy a neighbor can violate the California spite fence law.
Tort, Negligence, Vicarious Liability, Social Host Liability

Social Host Liability

This legal update discusses that, starting 1/1/11, a "social host" may be liable for alcohol-related injuries and damages caused by a person under age 21 to whom the social host served alcohol per California Civil Code Section 1714(d).

Criminal Law

Vets May be Able to Avoid Jail Time

This article discusses a relatively little known law, California Penal Code Section 1170.9.

Vehicle Code, Pedestrian Law

Jaywalking - California

This report details jaywalking law in California.
Art Law

Artists' Resale Royalty Rights

This article discusses little known legal obligations to artists upon resale of art.

Rules of
the Road

This report describes the new cell phone driving  restrictions  and exceptions taking effect on July 1, 2008 in California.

Tort , Contract, Civil Cases

This article discusses various easily avoidable time traps that can result in devastating consequences to a legal claim or defense.  Time traps discussed include statute of limitations, investigation delays, and untimely responses by defendants to lawsuits. 
Homeowner Legal Protection Tree Law

This article discusses the risks of and strategies related cutting branches and/or roots of a neighbor's tree that encroaches on your property.
Business  Collection Matters

This article discusses collection options when informal collections have been unsuccessful or stagnant.
Privacy Law  May I Tape Record a Harassing Telephone Call?

This article explains when a California telephone caller has the right to tape record a telephone conversation and whether or not it can be done secretly or surreptitiously.
Auto Collisions  Traffic Accident Checklist

Print this checklist and keep one in the glove compartment of each of your vehicles. That way, under the stress of an automobile accident, when you are probably not thinking as clearly as normal, you'll have a guideline or list of steps to take and a form to write information on.
Consumer Protection  Protect Your Good Name

Identity Theft Protection
Business  One Easy, Free Way to Collect Bad Checks

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